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Whitrope Siding
Last Update: 06/05/2013

It is a model closely based on a real place of the same name which was situated on the Waverley Route, which used to run between Carlisle and Edinburgh, through the English/Scottish Borders (Closed 1969). The location consisted of nothing more than a small 12 lever signal box between Riccarton Junction and Shankend, with a couple of ancilliary huts plus two cottages for the signalmen (The Cottages are off scene on my layout). The signalbox controlled a trailing crossover plus access to a single siding. All remained in place right up until closure of the line. Based in the period between about 1957 and 65 allows me to run a range of different Eastern Region locos such as B1's, V2's A1's A3's and A4's, all used as often on long fitted freights as passenger turns, plus a few early Diesels.

The layout is portable and measures 7ft by 2ft on two boards so as to make it fit in my VW Polo.

Whitrope4Layout built and owned by Roy Seaward

Photographs by Roy Seaward

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