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Last Update: 10/05/13

Crazy paving

Have you ever tried to reproduce crazy paving in either four mm or 2 mm, and then you will realize how laborious a task it can be. A quick and easy way is to retain egg shells in as complete condition as possible, paint both the inside and the outside to the required colour and then when dry break off a section applicable to the area to be covered and press firmly into place. This will shatter the shell and in so doing make it appear as ready laid crazy paving, to fix, apply a diluted solution of PVA and there you have it.

Need an extra pair of hands?

 A third or fourth hand is often required when modelling with small or fine pieces of material such as brass, copper or plastic. One method is to use double sided tape upon which the components may be held whilst adhesive or bonding is achieved. An alternative method, especially where sections of metal are to be soldered and require support, is to make use of a potato where the components may be inserted and held quite firm without detriment to the soldering process.


Do you use the buildings etc from this website. Instead of printing onto A4 paper get some A4 labels (Staples have them in packs of 100 sheets at a reasonable price) and print directly onto the labels. This saves a lot of messy work with adhesives and ensures that you have 100% coverage.