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Rugby Central
last update: 21/02/14

Rugby Central was built by the Great Central Railway and opened in 1899. We are modelling the station, goods yard and its environs as it was in the late 1950s until closure, under the Beeching closure programme, on 3rd September 1966.

During that time it had through expresses; stopping semi-fasts; a service to Nottingham which terminated at Rugby and still a great deal of heavy through goods including fast coal trains to London ("Windcutters"). Pick-up goods trains fed general goods into the yard and there was a fairly substantial quantity of imported timber to Travis & Arnold's depot situated within the yard. Pigeon specials were also seen from time to time and, in its final years, enthusiasts specials.

Our "N" gauge layout is based on the station and its environs in the late 1950s/early 1960s.The layout is on 4 boards with an overall size of 16' x 3'. We have managed, with some slight modellers licence to include all the main areas of the Station and Goods Yard to scale.

Control is via 3 control consoles (situated behind the layout) - Up main, Down main and Goods Yard. These are all interlinked and Points/Signals are interlocked as necessary. Uncouplers are fitted as and where we think we require them. 

We have carried out extensive research to try and attain accuracy but in a number of cases we have been unsuccessful with neither photographs, drawings or written information available. In these cases we have opted for "best guesstimate" allied to practical requirements.

The layout is now all but complete, with one area of scenery to be completed and some fine tuning and detailing work to be done.

Between us (there are a number of "N" gaugers in the club) we have a pretty comprehensive collection of rolling stock. It is planned to draw up and operate to a timetable based on an early 1960s one, but we may well see extra "specials" as necessary to ensure that there are no long periods of inactivity, something we often criticise on layouts we see at exhibitions. 

ScenicBuildup  Ballasting  Wiring

                         Scenic Buid-up                                              Ballasting                                                  Wiring

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