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Created: 04/0412016

This layout was built by Club member Roy Seaward, as set out below.  It is now in the care of fellow Club member Chris Hall who is in the process of developing the layout with a further scenic area in front of the fiddle yard.
The layout in it's entirety is less than four feet long and only six inches wide. It represents a small fictitious Branch line terminus somewhere in the Scottish Borders which has survived almost untouched into the 1960s, just long enough to host the first Diesels of the modernisation era alongside steam. However, change is coming, Doctor Beeching's Report is due, in only a few years the line will be no more and even the Main Line off of which it branches will not survive the Decade.
The layout was originally made in a hurry, having been planned to enter part of it as a Diorama in the Club's recent competition. However plans changed, not least because I could not get a reliable join across the two boards used and so it became in effect a single board measuring 44 inches long, thus it no longer fitted the competition criteria.
It could be described as a "micro layout" or a shunting puzzle, I think it probably shows that just about anyone has room for a viable interesting model railway in N Gauge, even on a shelf! The points on the scenic section are all powered by Peco point motors and there are three Peco electromagnetic un-couplers for which I have adapted a handful of Peco wagons with metal dropper-arms. These are becoming more reliable as I fine-tune the arms, and it is quite fun to uncouple "hands off" and shunt the yard, always having to take into consideration where the un-couplers are. In keeping with the simplicity of the layout, the entire control panel is housed in a tiny Maplins plastic case - all six switches! It is, of course extremely portable and can be set up and taken down in about five minutes and needs just one operator.

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